Our creed


We live in a dynamic age. Markets are changing, borders are fading and innovative business models are on the rise. Technological developments have a nearly indescribable influence on how we choose, buy, live and work. We are online 24/7. Each and every one of us leaves digital footprint. This creates an exponentially growing quantity of extremely valuable data. The ball is in the buyer’s court. All the time. The buyer wants to be properly understood at any time and during any phase of their life. Customers expect the right message at the right time, delivered via the right channel and at the precise moment that they want to add value to their own individual lives.

“More than 80% of all customer journeys (B2B and B2C) contains one or more digital orientation and/or conversion moments.”

Look around you and see new business models appear that focus on demand, rather than supply. The entrepreneur of tomorrow knows what they need today: up-to- date insights into their buyers’ behaviour, interests, needs, trends and developments and the ability to make the right strategic choices based on these factors.

We believe that buyers deserve a seat in the boardroom. All too often, this seat is held by entrepreneurs’ gut feelings or past experiences. We are convinced that the power of Big Data goes beyond categories, standardisation and shades of grey. We believe that the world becomes a lot more colourful when we use external Big Data to discover each individual’s unique wishes and dreams and translate these into true relevance.

“Trendata believes that customer centricity is the foundation for any successful organisation”

Trendata focuses on the real needs of online buyers and, in doing so, gives each customer a voice. Literally. We disclose real-time and real-life online market insights based on Big Search & Social Data. You can then analyse these insights and use them to optimally tailor your supply to your customers’ demands. We translate external Big Data into insights for Customer Centricity and give you the opportunity to evaluate and – if necessary – give new substance to your value proposition and communication.

“Real Life Market Insights is the key to unlock your hidden market potential”

Trendata is a plug-and-play analysis solution based on unique and up-to- date online consumerbehaviour. It is used for trend analyses and market insights. Trendata is a user-friendly tool that answers any and all strategic and tactical questions that start with “what,” “why,” “where,” “when” or “how.”

At Trendata, strategic Performance Marketers and Data Scientists bring out the best in each other. We are practical visionaries who understand the needs of the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. Over the past four years, we saw a growing demand for unique and up-to-date data and managed to find a way to make this enormous quantity of external Big Data understandable, insightful and applicable. We are thinkers and doers who speak the language of entrepreneurs and get a kick out of answering seemingly impossible questions. Trendata is a group of highly driven professionals out to gather, analyse and visualise Big Search& Social Data and help both large and small entrepreneurs make a real difference.

“We are thinkers and doers who get a kick out of answering seemingly impossible questions.”