Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Case
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During the last year of high school, thousands of young people face an important decision: what study course should they choose and where do they want to study? There are open days aplenty, but how can a university truly stand out from the competition? That is an interesting question to which Trendata found the answer for VU Amsterdam.

When choosing the next stage of their educational career, students have to pick a study course, an educational institution and a city. The orientation process is relatively long and prospective students have widely varying information needs during each phase of this journey. The Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam has enriched its customer journey using Real Life Market Insights. The educational institution now knows exactly where its target audience can be found online during the orientation process and what its needs are at different stages of this process. The university can translate this data in more effective, relevant and personal communication with future students. The ultimate result is that more students end up choosing VU Amsterdam.

Enriched customer journey | Channel insights | Valuable content | Higher conversion