ZGT Case
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The healthcare provided by Dutch hospitals is among the best in the world. ZGT is a leading healthcare organisation that has outlined its ambitions in the ZGT2020 plan. In both of its hospitals, the organisation wants to focus even more on the health of their patients through better prevention. Like the customer journey, the patient journey is also subject to change. A well-known example is patients diagnosing themselves after an afternoon with Google. ZGT uses Real Life Market Insights to gain insight into this need for information and translate it into improved communication and more effective healthcare and planning.

Information and tips about physical ailments are widely available online. Based on this (sometimes false) information, people might wait to consult a physician or specialist about their condition until it is too late. This leads to unnecessarily intensive healthcare and excessive healthcare costs. Trendata provides ZGT with valuable insight into how people look for information online about medical conditions and symptoms. ZGT translates these insights into the right message, at the right time and targeted at the right audience. As a result, patients consult a doctor or specialist sooner. Furthermore, ZGT applies the latest trends in buyer behaviour to its healthcare planning process. The long-term effect of this approach is that the organisation can plan its healthcare more effectively, because it has more control over the entire process from initial orientation to care and aftercare.

Valuable, timely content | More relevance | Better healthcare planning | Higher patient value