Intratuin Case
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Intratuin is the largest franchise retail chain of garden centres in the Netherlands. Its 52 locations, like its website, have to respond adequately to market demands each and every single day. In a market that is extremely susceptible to trends, it is quite a challenge to optimise hundreds of product groups in all locations and on the website. Intratuin wanted to be able to respond to current market demands every day, both on- and offline.

Trendata answered these questions by looking at the market demand and potential based on up-to-date online buyer behaviour. For each product group, we not only identified the demand, but also the customers’ need (for information), interests and specific timing. The current and actual market demand forms the basis for the new category structure and sharpened content marketing strategy.

The initial request for real-time insight into market demand and potential offered valuable insights with which to achieve optimal online visibility, a more relevant product range and valuable content throughout the year.

Optimal online visibility | relevant product range | valuable content marketing strategy