Trendata in Adformatie: Customer Centricity based on Big Search & Social Data
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Advertorial placed in Adformatie, wk 42, 2017 (original article in Dutch)

Introducing unique insights based on Big Search & Social Data: discover the true needs, interests and wishes of your target group. External Big Data based on real-time, actual customer behaviour and sentiments have never before been this clear and applicable. 

Real Life Market Insights – make your customers’ voice heard

Everything we do leaves behind a digital footprint: extremely valuable, rich and up-to-date Big Data which contains information about (latent) needs, interests and wishes. Get to know Big Search & Social Data. Let the actual customer demands of your target group(s) be the basis for a relevant value proposition, enriched customer journey, demand-driven supply, unique service and valuable content.  

Lock out the gut feeling

Trendata believes that Customer Centricity is the key to success and that every customer deserves a seat in the boardroom. It believes that organisations with a data-driven strategy based on internal and external Big Data allow themselves a competitive advantage and that factual and up-to-date insights into customer needs lock out the gut feeling every time. You don't need an in-house data analyst, trendwatcher or crystal ball to spot trends and developments in the market. That is exactly why Trendata is able to analyse over 5 billion searches a day on the basis of orientation behaviour, in addition to data from social media like Twitter. 

A step further than traditional market research

Using Artificial Intelligence, Trendata rationalises, interprets and visualises Big Search & Social Data to create factual, valuable and constantly up-to-date insights into brands, markets and products: Real Life Market Insights. The real-time insights go a step further than traditional research based on intentions or internal Big Data, and offer a valuable addition and validation to market research and data-management platforms. 

Invaluable at any level within the organisation

Various B2C and B2B customers, such as Intratuin, Nedap, DSM and VU Amsterdam, are already using Real Life Market Insights. The applications are diverse – ranging from digital transformation and market positioning issues to operational SEA optimisation and from demand-driven product selection and revolutionary product development to practical content creation.

Trendata: Key Partner of MarTech17

Martijn Huve is one of the first Search & Performance Marketers in the Netherlands. Based on his background, his curiosity and his firm belief that insight into the needs and wishes of target groups is crucial to staying relevant, he and his team have spent four years developing the intelligence and functionality of Trendata. Please join him for his interactive presentation during MarTech17 on December 12th and get to know Real Life Market Insights.